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Welcome to China Ruchang Wire Mesh Partitions Factory!

Wire mesh partition importers from USA, UK and other countries have been our regular buyers since the set up of Ruchang Wire Mesh Partitions Factory in the year 2006. We produce and supply mainly wire mesh partitions and cages fabricated with inter-crimped woven wire mesh, expanded metal sheet, perforated metal sheet and welded wire mesh fabrics. Various sizes and types are available. Custom orders are also acceptable upon drawings.

Wire mesh partitions are popularly used as storage enclosures, service enclosures, robotic barriers, security cages, cylindrical storage cabinets and units. Diamond mesh woven wire partitions made with pre-crimped wire is strong and aesthetically pleasing, while expanded metal partitions provides more security and heavy loading. Different partition types have their own features and advantages. Consider your application requirements first before ordering. Also, list your requirements for wire materials, mesh sizes, partition sizes and other data if needed when you ask for a quotation from us. Thanks for your visit of our site. Write us an email now and we will response to your business inquiry soo

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