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Expanded Metal Partitions

A partition formed of heasvy expanded-metal lath on thin framing or support members, both sides of which are plastered to form a solid assembly, usually about 1½ to 2½ in. (3.8 to 6.4 cm) thick.

Expanded metal partitions are separate, secure, or store valued items with this easy to install system. Use twenty standard sized panels and steel support posts to build partitions, enclosures, or storage areas of any size or configuration. Unique design conceals all hardware from the exterior of secured area. Full line of hinged, sliding, and vertical rise gates available.

Twenty standard sized panels 4'0" or 5' 0" high by 1' 0" to 10' 0" wide.
Stack two or more panels between posts to reach wall height.
Standard size panels work in ceilings and walls.
Custom size panels and special heights available.
Hinged, double hinged, sliding, and vertical rise gates available.
Sliding doors have patented tamper resistant latch mechanism.
Angle frame design gives installer clear access to hardware, speeding installation.
Assembly hardware is inaccessible from the secured side of the partition.
Standard 3/8" mounting hardware is the heaviest in the industry.
Heavy duty options available.
Panels may be ordered with any mesh, expanded metal, sheet metal.

Expanded Metal Partitions
  Expanded Metal Partitions


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