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Security Partitions

Wire mesh partitions are supplied in a very versatile range of wire mesh cages and wire partitions panels forms, certain to cater for most requirements. They can be used to provide security or prevent personnel from straying into hazardous areas as well as provide controlled access to stores, equipment or hazardous material. Security Cages Wire Mesh Partitions are perfect for most Tool Room, Stock Rooms, Departmental Divisions and other restricted areas. Security Cages Wire Mesh Partitions can also be custom made to order by our design engineers to fit any situation. Wire partitions panels is an extremely tough but attractive system for separating and securing any space. Wire partitions made of galvanized wire in a grid pattern that produces a wire mesh partition panel that is substantially stronger as confirmed by independent testing. Wire Mesh Partition and Panels are excellent way to secure and divide large warehouse spaces. They're an inexpensive alternative to drywall or block wall construction.
Security Partitions : Applications:
Wire partitions are ideal for separating and securing any space in industrial, commercial or governmental environments. Wire partitions can be used to enclose work areas, Wire partitions can be used to create secure storage facilities in factories and warehouses, and provide access control and loss prevention. Our wire partitions are perfect for stock rooms and commercial uses.

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