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Why Wire Partitions


Why Wire Partitions

Why wire partitions are better than chain link fences and fencing?

Over their lifetime, wire mesh partitions are less expensive than chain link fencing. They cost a bit more upfront (not always, since chain link is harder to install) but save you money for years to come.
Woven wire partitions can be removed, relocated, and put back together. You can even change their configurations when your needs change.
The modular design is what allows this flexibility; use it, re-use it, move it around - with ease. Wire partitions are much more secure. A guy with bolt cutters can get through a chain link fence. It takes more than that to get into a woven wire partition. They can't be easily climbed like a fence, either. There are no easy foot or handholds in the woven wire panels.
If a partition is damaged, you just remove the old panel and order a new one. If a fence is damaged, you have to pretty much redo everything.

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