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Wire Mesh Security Cages

Wire mesh security cages are available in a variety of mesh patterns, channel sizes and spacing and include standard and heavy duty use and low and high type wire mesh partitions.

Mesh: 10ga. (.135) steel wire triple crimped and woven into a 1 1/2” diamond mesh.

Diamond Mesh: The geometry of triangulation. It's unsurpassed strength makes it a superior product compared to other mesh shapes.

Security cages are offered in both foldable cages or fixed cages, made of welded or woven wire mesh fabrics. Security cages have chiefly the following styles: 2-layer, 3 layer or 4 layers. According to sizes, wire mesh security cages can be divided into small, medium or large cages. Finishes for wire materials can be chrome plated steel wire, hot dipped zinc plated, powder coated and stainless steel

Wire Mesh Security Cages

  Wire Mesh Security Cages


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